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Updated: Feb 19, 2020

We are living in a world of dual poles. Black and white, good and bad, beauty and the beast, poor and rich. Pick your favorite.

And we see things through this two-colored glass. Something we judge good and something else we judge bad according to our own experience or rather our conditioned behavior.

This is the year when I experienced racism on my own skin and got humiliated because of it. The last ten years was about the sex, now this year was about the race and the nationality.

There is one thing I recognized during experiencing these lessons. When you feel that you get under a thumb pushing you to the ground, it is your basic instinct to fight till the end to stop it. And there is nothing wrong with the fighting-blood, that is what takes a Warrior.

The difference is the method of fight, which you choose to do. If you fight against the thumb what pushing you down, you fight to destroy something. You have picked a side (black or white) and got involved to the game, and started to repeat the old circle of dualism. Creating hate against the power pushing you down means feeding the system with your energy to keep separation.

What is the solution then...

What if you fight for yourself instead of against them. What if you concentrate all your energy to build up something new. What if you put all your effort to shine your own vibration code (what is not black or white, nor belongs to any sex or nationality, but all of it at once). What if instead of putting energy to defense, you put all your energy to build yourself and just be present with all your glory, all your wisdom, all your shine, all your magic in the fullest, highest, purest level possible?

Just BE... don't do... don't fight... don't act... just be... and hold your presence for all who are searching for it...

and I will meet you there. ❤️

photo source: unknown

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