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Divide et impera

Most probably the video from large group of men detained, striped, abused and murdered already was aired in tv calling them militants and subhumans.

Please, please, please do not let the media set you up for a hate-trip as an atempt to try to clean their hands.

There is no such a thing as “subhuman”.

They were


well-known Journalists,








They are lovely and vulnerable people as you and me.

The only sin they have is that they were born to a nation which is carefully painted in front of you as the bad ones for decades to set them up for an extermination with minimum responsibilities.

Standing up for them does not make you anti anything or pro-ha*mas. It makes you human.

Judaism has nothing to do with Zionism. Judaism is a religion, Zionism is an ill ideology. Do not confuse that too.

We are all human and we have to stand up for each other when one of us is in danger. These men are our men.

Tat tvam Asi

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