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Jung said: “Contradictory views are necessary for the evolution of any science, only they must not be set up in rigid opposition to each other but should strive for the earliest possible synthesis.” Carl Jung, CW 18, Para 639

Walking each others’ shoes not only challenges our minds to open up to new perspectives but gives a glimpse into an other entity, world, a whole collection of feelings, motives, history, heritage - to a whole new dimension, to another life. The more perspectives you are able to accept, the more lives you live and the deeper is the essence of your heart.

Yes, compassion comes with more pain but what worths more than a life well lived in a thousand different ways?

It is on us how we use our interactions. Do you set yourself for the divide and conquer propaganda and participate in a manufactured war covering up a ge-no-cide or do you see this as an opportunity to step into a brand-new world by holding each other together?

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