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Diana Rigg alias Lady Olenna

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Nowadays while I am organizing the exhibition materials, I found the Diana Rigg portray and started to dig deeper into her resume and personality.

I have to add straight in the beginning that she was a kind. She became famous as the only James Bond girl, who became Mrs. Bond in Her Majesty’s Secret Service in1969.

She also appeared in Avengers as Emma Peel, which role made her became a sex symbol and a fashion icon. That was one of the reason while later she stopped acting in the series.

I drew her as Lady Olenna, a fantastic character from Game Of Thrones, a witty and sarcastic political mastermind, popular known as the Queen of Thorns.

While both of the three mentioned characters are charismatic, strong woman roles, she had a special opinion about feminism.

She has supported chivalry and greeted the classic courtesy from men while she also has a sudden and explosive temper which has been completely enough to stand up against any kind of insult. She once said feminism is boring, and Suzanna Moore, columnist added about her that she has a kind of ‘Gosh, I am successful, I don’t need feminism.’ style.

For me, it most likely seems that she just wanted to be out of 'the war of sexes'.

She is a kind of woman - for me - who does not bother to fight for rights, which she can own herself by simply daring to look in a way nobody dare to ask question in return.

But whatever is her opinion about feminism, one thing is sure, she is a strong and determined woman who definitely left her footprint in history and as it is an important part of the list.

A3, marker pen drawing. One of my drawing which was made for days as I wanted to be sure that all the smallest detail is on the right spot.

#dianarigg #gameofthrones

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