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Determinism or Free Will

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

The basic question of how much control we have over our life is as old as our existence and there are several approaches from several different view points.

My understanding of the matter is limited by my present knowledge and represents a certain viewpoint with an openness of all other ideas, in a hope that this essay can still be used for the purpose to giving birth to new thoughts.

Determinism - according to the dictionary - is the philosophical belief that all events are determined completely by previously existing causes. The Principle of Cause and Effects said that every single action has a behind reason or cause, which may not be recognized.

In theological meaning the word 'predestination' is used, and the cause is narrowed to the controlling God or fate.

Free will on the other hand, is the ability to decide what to do independently of any outside influence; or the choice between different possible courses of action unimpeded.

So do we have free will or not and for what extend?

One of the Buddhist teaching says that every single soul decides about their journey on Earth and the pack of experiences they wish to learn during their current lifepath, and they made this decision long before they get born. Therefore the life-situation we are in, had been implemented by our choice already and our remaining tasks are to bring the best out of it. That theory gives an upper hand to the free will by placing an utmost responsibility and ownership to our hand.

Presents always come with a price tag.

According to Jung in order to practice that free will it is necessary to reach a certain point of individualism where the person claims their right for it.

Not only he needs to claim the rights but also he needs to reach the level where he had tested and understood certain rules and decided to accept them by his own inner 'forums'.

This theory requires the acknowledgement of ruling principles.

So in that meaning the limit of our free will and the chance to extend that limit are paradoxically both connected to the LAW.

Acknowledging and understanding the hierarchic system of the Natural Law is the first step towards to break the chain of automatism.

The next step is creating vacuum... It is the mental process of attain a degree of poise and Mental Firmness where the chain of action can be stopped. It is the moment of awareness and the opportunity to rise above things and letting it pass beneath us.

According to Jung theory, in case of poise, the chain of action has been broken and the brain is forced to create a new pattern to solve the situation. That urge rewrite the wire and give birth to brand new ideas and a wider point of view both in personal and collective level.

In accordance of the hierarchy of Natural law, and the principle of correspondence, it is the practice of obeying and respecting the law and transmute them to each other.

Above all, the level of the free will is paradoxically bound to our connectedness to the center. The closer we are, the more freedom we obtain.

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