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Updated: Feb 11, 2023

In Jung's circle, the definition of Archetypes is a common topic. But what is Archetype exactly. If I try to put my understanding what I have reached as far: Archetypes are symbols of different aspects of human experience expressed by the unconsciousness as a message to deliver. Most often we meet them in our dreams, where our mind is opened up for 'other realms' or to say it 'safer', where our mind is in the receptive open state to emerge into the unconsciousness. Archetypes are the most ancient phenomena of the human existence, and the pure evidence to our Oneness. Each person of the Planet, no matter of origin or religion, dreams about the same figurative symbols: The Elderly Wise man, the Empress, the Seer, The Hanged Man... . etc. These are the symbols movies, novels use to connect with the audience. All of them comes with a different meaning. But that meaning is beyond our binary system of black or white, yes or no; it is a bridge to connect and also to guide further beyond the logic.

Other than the basic archetypes - Jungian Archetypes, or the figurative illustration of the Tarot mentioned - there are other thousands of different aspects, which are known, identified and researched. In the Far East, most of these archetypes are celebrated as Gods or Goddess by their expression of representation.

But these archetypes are not only dream-symbols. These are also embodiment of a Divine Origin.

Dakini, the Dancing Goddess, is one of the archetypical forms of the Divine Feminine principle. She embodies the pure Feminine Wisdom beyond reason and intellect. 'Dakini is translated into Tibetan as 'sky goer'. She is a Tantric priestess and a female manifestation of wisdom.' (Watterson)

There is a way and sacred practice to reach alignment with Dakini. But this practice requires devotion and strength in order to hold the fire which comes with it.

It is a gift if the alignment takes place, as it gives way to your truest Soul expression and connects you with your full potential, but it is also a responsibility. Clarissa Pinkola Estes mentioned it as the Red Shoes, and we know couple of very famous women - Janis Joplin or Amy Winehouse etc. - and watched their story how that fire went out of control and took their life. It is a very powerful gift, an enormous inside fire, which can give light and can burn down obstacles. It can be used for building or destroying, all of it depends on the beholder. It is the Soul Expression, the true Divine Feminine.

And if you have ever experienced it, you understand why the life of Human Being is such an extraordinary opportunity to find and live through your own Soul purpose.

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