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Updated: Feb 18, 2020

While I was preparing the 4. aspects of the "Strong Woman" program, I had the opportunity to go deeper to the Dakini-teaching.

Dakini is the aspect of an energetic, active woman archetype connected to the raw and wild ancient feminine power.

It "uses energy and action, constantly on the move in order to provoke the tribal knowledge from the depths of the root chakra."

Dakini was also the name for ascended female masters who had the ancient wisdom of the body, the acceptance of the holy secrecy of the body. She turns the attention back to the root chakra and let the elemental energy of Mother Earth dancing through her body from the root to the top.

Dakini was often used as a sexual symbol while Dakini is much more a nature one, who is able to express freedom through naked dance and sexuality. It is the wholeness of the sacred feminine body.

photo source: unknown

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