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Culture or if the taste of the Apple worth the price to leave Eden?

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Nowadays I had the pleasure to participate in a meeting about the cultural influence and it triggered me in so many ways. I decided to put my thoughts down with a disclosure that my thoughts represent my opinion only and obviously can not cover deeply the whole topic which has so many layers. But these are my thoughts about one segment of it.

What does it mean culture and how much influence it has over us?

Yung once said, nobody could say that they were immune from their culture. It surrounds us and it is in our blood, we are fed by it since birth, and mostly unconsciously it becomes our motives, automatic behavior, unquestioned opinion.

Starting of from birth, it is the closest social influence from family, extended into the society you become part of later. Conformity is the essential part of our life, if we want to be part of our community, which can lead sometimes extreme unquestioned blindness.

Can we fight against the conformity? Or can we even recognize that we are being conformed to a program without outside triggers?

There were several case-studies about this topic. Just think about the famous Milgram or Stanford experiment.

Community provides the social/safety net and most of the time people do not question its rules since they are satisfied its establishment and they do not desire to extend their interest outside of the border.

But what if you are the one who has the inner trigger to get that damn apple and figure out the knowledge of the snake?

There comes the price. If you taste that damn apple, you are forced to leave Eden. And it is a huge price, it is just for advance-level.