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Culture or if the taste of the Apple worth the price to leave Eden?

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Nowadays I had the pleasure to participate in a meeting about the cultural influence and it triggered me in so many ways. I decided to put my thoughts down with a disclosure that my thoughts represent my opinion only and obviously can not cover deeply the whole topic which has so many layers. But these are my thoughts about one segment of it.

What does it mean culture and how much influence it has over us?

Yung once said, nobody could say that they were immune from their culture. It surrounds us and it is in our blood, we are fed by it since birth, and mostly unconsciously it becomes our motives, automatic behavior, unquestioned opinion.

Starting of from birth, it is the closest social influence from family, extended into the society you become part of later. Conformity is the essential part of our life, if we want to be part of our community, which can lead sometimes extreme unquestioned blindness.

Can we fight against the conformity? Or can we even recognize that we are being conformed to a program without outside triggers?

There were several case-studies about this topic. Just think about the famous Milgram or Stanford experiment.

Community provides the social/safety net and most of the time people do not question its rules since they are satisfied its establishment and they do not desire to extend their interest outside of the border.

But what if you are the one who has the inner trigger to get that damn apple and figure out the knowledge of the snake?

There comes the price. If you taste that damn apple, you are forced to leave Eden. And it is a huge price, it is just for advance-level.

If you join to an other culture - despite the fact how much willingness you show towards assimilation - you can not exclude yourself from the effect of it. Culture is like air, you breath it in and it becomes part of you. And the more time you spend in a certain culture, the more effect it has upon you.

But it also gives you that "sacred knowledge", which was promised by that famous snake. You will have the sight to recognize in your surroundings the differences in response, in the smallest gestures, in forming ideas or opinions, in instant reactions. And these are those instant scents, which can help you to track down your own unconscious behavior, which came from that root-programing you received in your first 7 years.

The question is, if you have enough strength to override it?

How can you take over and make this unconscious behavior become conscious and how can you flash light on that shadow?

And the other - may be more important question - what are the consequences of that knowledge?

As it was said to Eva back than, there is no way back. Your own root-culture is still there but the farther you drift off, the harder to find any kind of connecting dots to rejoin. Your life is highly influenced with the 'outside culture’ and as it becomes the part of you, your reaction and behavior will not match anymore with the root-culture.

Even if you wish to reconnect, that connection will never be the same as it was before. In one part, you will remain outsider from your own root-culture. That part will belong to somewhere else. But that somewhere else will not take you in either, as you are outsider for them as well.

There you are, in the 'NO-MAN-LAND', you belong to nowhere and in the same time, you belong to everywhere. And it is in your hand now to build upon it and create your own.

Maria Szepes once said that nobody can be enlightened without climbing up to their own Mount Everest to receiving their very own declaration of truth. And that truth will be the foundation of your own religion, and that religion is the one of your own destiny.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes once said that you have to build your own culture for yourself, and the ones belong to you, will gather around you to create your real soul family.

She also said, as a woman, with the sacred gift of your womb, you have the ability to walk in and out of the gate of 'Life-Death-Life' circle and visit two worlds, bringing information in and out without any kind of trouble.

So if you really want to know how much influence you have over the culture you live in?

It depends on you. If you have the strength to leave behind the safety net provided by your root-culture, and take the price of being 'outcast of Eden', you will have the chance to find your own declaration of truth and with that declaration you can build up your very own culture. And with this new one of your very own, you are able to override and use the culture you live in for your own favor.

The only question is, if you are strong enough to take that damn apple?

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