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Cry for Mother Earth

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

The news of the separation policy was one of a kind which gave challenge to remain in the observant position and not to lose the bigger perspective.

But it also tells something about the present energy-changing, which is happening just right now.

Despite how bad it looks, it also has a message that dogs bark only if they feel danger. If someone wants to take control it means that the one feels loosing it.

Something much more bigger started to grow under the surface. This is the seed of the Divine Energy.

Giving birth comes with lots of pain. They say greatest change comes with suffering and it is able to challenge you.

All we have to do is push. Go forward with all we can offer and let it be seen, let it give a birth.

So this is our time as well, to show the world how that Divine Feminine energy works.

Show the care what is missing, go to the place where it is missing, gather up and save the others, show love when it seems lacking. Give the push towards for that Divine Energy to get born.

A3 size, color pencil drawing

photo source: unknown

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