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Crisis and Fear vs. Surrender

This essay is intended to be a bit more personal than the others. I had the urge to write about a personal lesson with a hope that it could help others as well.

Since Corona virus pandemic broke through, life-styles have been changed drastically and people were forced to face their biggest fears.

It was just couple of days before, when I felt so happy declaring that no fear can touch me because I have already faced the "Dark Night of the Soul" and I am not afraid of dying. And the Universe looked at me and smiled. Are you sure that was your deepest one? Let me show you something.

I promised myself that I would not involve in political issues anymore, but after I heard the news from changing governing form in my country, it pulled the trigger. It was my home after all. And even if I left it for more than 13 years there is an uncuttable umbilical cord.

Here came the unexpected trigger which pulled me back to the basic fear. The fear which whispered to me that I would be completely cut off from it or worse, in case of return, I would face the same abusing issues, which I faced in the past in the Middle East. Is that fear rational? Who knows? It could be or it could be not. But that was the fear what kicked.

That kind of fear-drive took me back to the political field - which I hated back than and I promised to never return - and I found myself got involved to a heated argument about the political regime.

The main learning point of the whole lesson - which was a blind spot to all of us - was that politics does not have good or bad answers. Politics is a game, which can be bended any way depends on the interest of each counterparts.

That is the reason, why in time of facing crisis, chaos among the political elit can lead to unforeseen structural changes. And in an individual level, fear arise and individuals start projecting their biggest fear to all who dare to stand in their way.

What we had to see and understand was that it is not about the political regime, which follows each other. It is not about who is the loser or the winner or who is the good guy and who is the bad. It is just and only your thoughts and fear you attached to it. The fear from the unknown, the fear being unable to control the situation and the fear of being unprotected.

After a while, when we both had time to settle and rethink, I recalled those half words I heard from the opponent side, which was neglected before. These half-words were speaking about past pain. It had nothing to do with the current situation in hand or the political regime, but much more with the fear connected to that past experience. And I recalled my matching half-words to it, which were based on the same fear of re-experience the past pain just from a slightly different history.

Do we really differ as much as we think about ourselves? Can we really be separated by political or religious or national views if our basic drives are the same?

After all, once I promised to myself to do my best to be Jung's student including to face my own shadow, my own projection and accept them as well. But saying that I also agreed that LIFE has dark and light side, Yin and Yang. It means that a complete person has ugly part, and dark part as well. As the world has leaders who are considered 'ugly' or unwanted. Still it is considered part of the same Universe. And if I dare to say SURRENDER, that means that I accept the ugly and the unwanted, cause I know that I am not here to fight the system or any of the political views of it, but to rise above and connect to the whole which surrounds and includes all those systems, and protects us all.

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