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Codes of the Universe

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Those ancient signs were written by Higher Being who were able to see differently than us. Their third eyes were open. And through it, they were able to see all three dimensions interacting with each other in each exact moment. They captured the astral influence surrounded the Soul clear message and washed it through the physical body to give birth through fire and blood into this world. That how was the symbols were created. And those Symbols are still holding the great essence of the whole Universe.

The Secret lies in the understanding of those symbols in all three dimensions in the same way they were created.

-And the key is hidden in each of us.

-and to find it, it is necessary to go through all the struggles (fire and blood) to reach acceptance in all level.

-and to use it, it is necessary to have the courage to jump to the unknown without any kind of security and dare to face the astral realm.

-and THEN you arrive...

ALONE, just YOU, the true you, the real you... And the pure essence will shine over through all your cells.

That pure essence is the key, which connects automatically to the same essence of the Universe....

and the Door will open...

and the WHOLE Universe will enter into you as you enter into it...


A3, color pencil drawing, original photo source unknown.

#asabovesobelow #hermetic

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