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Clarity till the end

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

I have never thought I have to write this tribute to Claire Wineland.

It is way too soon.

It was inevitable for the first moment that she was dying. But somehow she was a magician who made the whole issue looked like "not important".

She enjoyed her every day as it was the last one and she put her all in it. She dared to speak about death and suffering without taboos with clarity.

I get used to watching her story daily. Her personality was so radiant and so energetic, despite the fact of her condition.

It was just couple of days ago when she thanked the drawing to me and I felt so glad to get connected to such an angel-heart with message to the world.

She was only 21. She received the new lungs and she was so happy that her life conditions will change for the better at last.

It changed... for the better... but definitely not the way how we expected.

“Death is Inevitable. Living a life we can be proud of is something we can control.”

You did it, Girl! You left something extraordinary for us.

Rest in Peace my dear.

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