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Chop wood, Carry water

Updated: May 9

Zen masters knew that the simplest things in life are the essence of the most sacred ones. Just like an elderly shaman woman's teaching said: if your world seems to be in chaos and you need to heal, go back to the basics, and use your hands. Slow down and do the mundane things to let your spirit settle down and get clarity.

The magical things in cleaning if it is done properly it opens up energy blocks in both worlds simultaneously. I am speaking about cleaning up your own mess, not to demand someone else to clean your shit because it is the job for 'immigrants' or 'robots'.

How surprising it is that everything what is sacred in this world has a twisted layer, which divests the treasure from its true value.

I have a tendency to drop things if it did not work out as I imagined it. Obviously, the breaking point is high, so it means when I drop the thing, I really went through Hell for it. May be that is the reason why I drop it on the first place. You go down and see something you were not prepared, you see the truth, the reality what is breaking up your illusion and now you just do not want to see it, you do not want a reminder. They said PTSD works the same, it freezes down much bigger place in your memory than the original damage for safety reason. That means it freezes down the good things together with the bad ones.

But do not go so far, just slow down, step by step, first go back to the cleaning part.

So I have had a dream to open a shop. I found the shop, it was beautiful, perfect location in a mid of a fashion-centered city for a good price and I started negotiation for it. Everything went so well, we discussed the details, setting up plans, I bought all the inside trails, when all of a sudden, some unexpected intrusion happened, and the owner withdrew the offer. More than three months of vision, planning, hoping, organizing, investing is gone. So what I did as usual, dropped the things and did not even look at it anymore which was difficult because it blocked my view piling up in my living room.

It takes courage to go back to the scene of a trainwreck and start over and clean the mess. But step by step.

So I settled down for a deep cleaning and I decided to start with the place, which has been locked much earlier, it was locked since I came to Ireland. It was the wardrobe with all the Middle East skeletons in it.