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Updated: May 22, 2020

  • You wanted to see me?

  • Yes. Everything is falling. I don't see the ground to put my feet on. Everything is in chaos. The whole world is upside down.

  • Look Child. In order to repair something what is wrong, sometimes we need to set it apart and build it again.

  • Yes. But I lost a lot.

  • Chaos has its own order and it works exactly as it has to. Just hang on, try to stay closest to the center and wait. Everything will be alright. You will see.

  • But it is hurt. It seems the real connection is lost.

  • No Child. The real connection is always there. Time and distance are phenomena, which do not have the power to destroy real connections. Your home is not outside. Your home is inside. People, who truly belongs to you will be always there with you, in your heart.

  • But others are getting mad and attacking.

  • You do not need to worry about the ones attacking you either. My protection is always there. Look at my eyes and see it for yourself. You are safe with me and I am always with you. Try to see them as they are. They are struggling as well. Some of them are much more deeper than you, because they do not know how to call me. They separated themselves from the love and while fighting against the elements, their desperate attempts just whirl them farther apart. They do not need your anger, they need your love.

  • But sometimes I feel I can not. How could I trust them and love them again?

  • You need to trust in me. And just let me use you to channel that love to them. You are my grail, that uniqueness brilliant grail, my masterpiece. Never forget that.

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