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Castle of Lies

Plot: Once upon a time there was girl blessed with a curious, brilliant, open mind, and an idea of living life according to her own terms. She was enthusiastic, brave with full of talents and all she wanted is to discover deeper understanding about life itself.

Lets play a game and place her in different historical time in the last 2000 years intervals.

The age is around 450AD, the girl is beautiful, young, and instead of the usual women's path of becoming a housewife, she decided to research Astrology. She had built her own astrolabes and she provided several studies about the planetary alignments. Her intellect received recognition in high circles. Her brilliant logical mind was high above the era and her sparkling presence gave her a royal ambiance. Several men tried to be her husband but she refused all of them and declared not to participate any kind of sexual relationship.

Her name was Hypatia of Alexandria, and her sin was to be born as a woman and to dare to reject to be a subject of a man, and to follow the ancient path of worshiping Mother Earth referred as Pagan.

In 450AD, village mob with Christian beliefs grabbed her to the market floor, teared her dress off from her, pulled her, raped her and tore her body into pieces. Her death was one of the most calculated and most violent murder of that time.

Go forward and jump up in time...

The year is 2015, the girl name is Farkunda of Kabul, a beautiful young 27 years old girl, a religious teacher with an open mind, who likes investigating different topics and discussing political and religious matters. She is also single with a belief that she has the right to choose her life path.

Her sin is most probably to have brain and to dare to be alive.

On 19th of March, village mob with Islamic beliefs grabbed her, beaten her to death while others were standing, watching and taking video of it.

Jump a bit farther in time....