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Cancel Culture

Once upon a time when I was living in the Middle East, I became a target when I stood up against injustice. My plan was innocent and I based it on Gandhi's famous statement: 'Be the change you want to see in the world'. I wrote compliment letters about the crew who was assigned to be reviewed by me in a system which was based on punishment. Instead of reporting their mistake, I reported back detailed examples about what they did exceptional. It turned out that it was considered rebellious action. I was severely punished because of it. I received threats, there were interrogations and other unwritten ways to silence me. I stood my ground and I wrote 196 letters altogether. During that time I faced my deepest fears and I had to set a priority in principles for which I would risk my life as well.

There was a huge aftermaths of that period when I had to face that nothing what I have done showed any results, nothing changed, and even my memory got cancelled and all my public accounts got shadow banned. The whole 'mission' I put my life in, seemed to be for nothing.

Tamara stood up for injustice and she set the highest principle, love for basis, and when I heard about her demonstration I felt such a deep connection with her with so many similarities in her story. I truly believed that her story will be successful and that would be the opportunity for me to heal my wound and finally close that chapter for good.

But it did not matter how peaceful was her plan, she was arrested. She was not only taken into jail without any charge but they put her to solitary confinement for a whole month to break her soul. Later it was declared as 'error in judgement' and she was released but silenced.

Cancel culture - this is the definition of the new treatment in the society against everyone who has 'too much' influence and could dangerously alter the game of money and power. Delete, silence, cancel as nothing ever happened.

But when I relived my whole experience through Tamara's journey, I noticed something.

There were results... Not the way how it was expected. All around the world people started to stand up for love and freedom and started to organize freedom convoys. The World moved.

May be we are too attached to a certain kind of result, and tend to forget to see the bigger picture. May be we are putting our focus on the wrong channel and want to see everything immediately as a certain kind of physical manifestation or focusing too much on the cancellation. Whatever it is, we are watching the wrong movie. While we are saddened by the fact that it is all gone and nothing matters, it actually does and the frequency which was sent by our action, has already started to work in the unseen world, and it started to depolarizing major energy blocks, and moving all tectonic elements around. It does not matter how long does it take, the Tsunami sooner or later will arrive.

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