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Calling for the Ancient Masculine

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Last night I had a very unexpected "channeling" while I was in an Irish bar. There was an elderly man who expressed himself by dancing Haka in the mid of the bar. It may seemed funny and ridiculous as he performed it alone and it was not fit for the audience and the surroundings but it awakened something inside me I remembered back then.

I had couple of journey to New Zealand, and once I had the pleasure to see the traditional Haka dance from maori performers. The warrior culture of their own is something ancient, sacred, which brings back that masculine energy of honor and respect. I don't have deep knowledge about their culture, I am just a simple admirer. All I found is what they say is something acceptance of life or death and to chose to go forward.

Today when we are celebrating the rise of the ancient Feminine power, we are also preparing place for the new/ancient Masculine energy to rise as well. So here is the call for the ancient Masculine....

#haka #ancientmasculine #powerofthesource

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