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Brian L. Weiss

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

We are living in a modern world, where automatization is taking over personal touch and everything is valued by its cost or its profitability.

We are living in a world where healthcare is based on consuming medications with the aim to stop the symptoms without trying to find the original cause or the cure for the real disease.

Most of the time we do not even consider each other and just go on with the chase of our career.

But what if the purpose of life has nothing to do with career and profitability?

In 1980 a woman suffering from several phobias was looking for treatment to heal. As all the therapies failed, she agreed to try hypnosis and in a deep stage she was instructed to go back where the phobias were first appeared. She started to describe Ancient Egypt. Neither the doctor nor the patient believed in reincarnation, although it seemed there was no other explanation.

One thing was sure, that after experiencing a whole lifetime in Ancient Egypt and the tragical death of drowning in water, during hypnosis, the phobias got disappeared.

Be skeptic and investigate always, but be sure not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Because the most important thing in this whole experience is that after all those failed trials, this experience brought healing for that girl.

The doctor in that story was Dr. Brian L. Weiss and he had to face with the dilemma to turn the blind eyes over the issue, or go on and risk his entire career to find out more about the 'non-accepted' method of healing, which just occurred.

It was a risky decision he made but it has served thousands of people till now. The channel he accepted to open turned his intention back towards our origins and the important of the relationship we have with each other.

He dedicated his entire life to understand more about that message, which he received back there, through that lady,

that "love is the most basic and pervasive energy that exists";

that "we learn through relationships, and thus it is important that we understand how we have touched others" and

that "becoming aware of the root causes in prior lives can heal the relationship in the present."

This post is dedicated to Brian L. Weiss, author of the best seller books of "Many Life, Many Masters" and "Only Love Is Real" in honor of his wonderful work about healing, love and relationship.

A3, black and red charcoal drawing

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