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Boundary setting

I had a fantastic night on the other day with lots of lovely gathering, conversation, music and hug. It was all so nice. However…

There was one piece in the mosaic, which came out of nowhere, towered with his body in front of me, grabbed my hands to firmly shake it and did not let it go and stated that he bought a hotel so he is rich and I need to go out to “drink” with him to an other bar.

I would like to address this LOUD and CLEAR that NOOOOOO, there is ZERO obligation for a vulnerable woman to be forced to go out with a dirty minded pig. They have ZERO chance. We will not be silenced anymore.

The louder we say it, the more change we can reach to push back these animals where they belong and let them learn some respect. Their time has ended.

We are here to change the sick patriarhic paradigm to build up a much more better one where we can enjoy a night in peace with lovely people where we give attention to the ones who deserve it, the ones who support, respect and love us and we shut those marching pigs out of the field and let the REAL ONES step ahead.

Ref: security camera at around 11pm 09:06:23

#womenabuse #sexualharrasment

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