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Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Closing this year brought me extreme challenges and lots of deep cuts needed to be done by serious necessity. While grieving takes its time, I stand shocked by watching the psychological phenomena what motivates people to turn into evil.

First, I examined it through the codependency segment, and I concluded that community can be such a glue among people that they are willing to give up their own moral principle if the pressure from the community requires it. They would do harmful rituals on someone, whom they even love and care just because the community demands so. There are special studies in psychology under crowd-control what examines these themes deeper and explains the why behind the unreasonable brutal behavior.

During Christmas I was invited to a table where couple of teenagers were sitting. I did not want to be rude, so I accepted the invitation when the girls started to show inappropriate behavior and while doing so, labeling the other guests with awful remarks because in group they felt strong. When the following days the other girl approached me alone, I addressed the behavior. The next day as soon as I stepped into the bar, I found myself in a mid of a crossfire, surrounded by shouting teenagers, all of them slandering me in the most awkward brutal labels, just like an inquisition from the Middle Ages. And if this did not bring me enough shock, the following raised the level.

NOBODY, I repeat NOBODY from the crowd stood up for me but instead the bar manager came and asked me to leave. After all, I was the only Non-Irish, the outsider, so the problem was most probably me. By the time I reached home I received an abusive threat to my Woman Rights Advocacy page from the same teenager.

As an International Woman Rights Advocate, I have my higher call to arrive to these places and bring attention for necessary changes, and I always hope that there will be a change.

Lots of my friends, if not all, suggested me to leave right after the first attack back in 2018, but I wished to do changes here.

My friends were right. They recommended a movie to gain a deeper understanding of this evil phenomena I am dealing with. The movie was Dogville and the similarities are frightening.

The opportunity, what is given by the pure existence of a single outlander and her vulnerability is enough reason to awaken the Evil mind in limited and conditioned groups.

What I can offer is opening a platform for all those Non-Irish single women, who are in the same shoes as me and may be frightened to speak up. I wish to offer them my voice to use, my ears to listen, and my arms to hold them.

The true learning point of the last year what I bring to the next is the necessity of BOUNDARIES and the SUPPORTIVE HEALTHY CONNECTIONS. No matter how peaceful you are, anyone can meet you just on that level which they have reached on their own.

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