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Do you remember the movie Bombshell, speaking about sexual harrasments at workplace and how the girls are silenced in it?

You would think that time has changed since than but let me tell you something...

If you have to fight in daily basis not to be addressed by obscene words - that is sexual harrasment..

If you have to fight in daily basis to keep their distance and not to stand so extremely close to you that you feel their breath - that is sexual harrasment...

If you have to fight in daily basis to stop asking questions about your private life and intimate matters - that is sexual harrasment...

If you are addressed in daily basis in an unpolite way in public, giving suggestions to the audience of any kind of sexual relationship - that is sexual harrasment...

If you have to fight in daily basis not to receive thousands of messages at the mid of the night - that is sexual harrasment...

Some of us came from a warrior backgrond and we fought battles like this already. Some of us get used to that kind of treatment so well, that we normalized it and fighting it daily became the norm. Some of us believe that our resilience is needed to be proven again and again.

But darling,

No matter how much you love your job, and how much it fullfills your dream, this is your life as well, and handling daily japardize against your peace will take much more than you think.

The movie Bombshell give an insider look about the privilege of the Patriarchic world, where if something goes wrong, they immediately call the cleaning team to silence and hide the victim. It speaks volumes about misused power, cruelty and passive or active agression which destroying not only the women who tries to handle it in order to keep the job but also all the real men who are pushed to a position of silent observer without any possibility to provide the protection what they meant to give.

No matter how tempting is the opportunity, the damage it causes to both side is the real threat against true values.

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