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Blind Walking

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

I have a great teacher. You know that kind who answers your questions before you manage to put them together as a sentence. Her name is Maria Szepes and she wrote several books. The most famous is The Red Lion. She left the physical dimension on 2007 although it did not lessen the actuality of her teachings.

She said "The real work starts when you consciously make the decision to become a medium: put the well studied theory to work by figuring out the most suitable practice to improve your transcendent skills. This method requires constant activity, spiritual awareness and criticism."

And that is all I have and the courage to do so. Most of the time it feels blind walking, stepping into the unknown, risking financial security to follow an inner call which sometimes it set volume down so much that you are forced to open up deeper senses or freak you out. But this is the way how it works.

Blind Walking... It is said that people who lost their sights, develop special abilities to sharpen other senses. They use all the other senses to cover up the one missing.

There is a practice, which I can use when somebody come to me with a saying they lost their path.

It is a very simply technics and requires almost nothing. Just need to close your eyes and describe everything around you in the most detailed version possible, but using just the remaining senses. So try it once! Close your eyes and explain to me how can you describe the green sofa in the corner by smells, touch, noise it makes, feels it radiates... and there you go... see with senses.... and from there it is your choice to go deeper or back to one-dimensional, strictly sense of sight.

I made my choice... multi-dimensional version feels much more suitable to me.... :)

A3 size, marker pen drawing

photo source: unknown

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