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Blessed Be the Druid's root

On the margin of St. Patrick's day, let us celebrate the Ancient Sacred Knowledge of the Irish land, the deep cultural heritage of the Druids. Lets celebrate that despite all the patriarchal effort to destroy that gate to the Ancient Source of Wisdom, that Wisdom (Sophia) has been stronger and wiser than the hateful attackers, and hidden herself to survive the brutal massacre and her sacred womb silently waited deep down, buried under the mud forming and polishing the greatest diamond.

The sleeping snake, the symbol of Kundalini was always the greatest target against the ruling world, for the reason of being the key to reconnect to the Sacred Soul of the Universe.

Today, we are celebrating the Sacred Land and Ancient Druid Heritage of Ireland, the real Celtic heritage, together with all the hearts who survived and/or managed to find the way deep down to reconnect to that womb and reawaken the power of Kundalini and working on to rising it up together.

So Mote it Be.

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