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Blessed be the Druid roots

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Hear my girl, who came to open the third eye,

Here, where the gate opens to the mysteries, prepare your Soul to meet the Divine.

Bring two feathers, one from the black raven, and one from the white swan.

Bring a pinch of salt, and a fresh cup of water from the sacred well.

Bring a handful of Soil from the roots of the Oak Tree,

And the wooden Torch, lighted near the North Sea.

Come forward at the time of the Midst,

In the space of in-between, when day and night meets.

When the heart is ready and the mind is purified,

Enter from the East to offer your sacrifice.

Step into the circle and follow the leads,

Listen to the whisper, to the ancient wisdom of the Winds,

Worlds, Oceans, Galaxies, and Stars,

Earth, Humans, Animals, and Reptiles.

Mother Earth sings the Music of the Spheres,

She will touch your forehead to let you see what she shares.