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Birth of the Phoenix

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

First there is a little spark searching for real substance to catch. Just a vibe, which triggers the mind unexpectedly from a source long buried.

Then it becomes a flame, something seeable but untouchable providing gentle light and warm, but mysteriously waving like a serpent.The S-shape breakage on the alchemical egg.

It awakens a search for fresh air to build a new foundation to grow. Seeking clarity, and seeking for the source to connect.

Than it becomes a torch, strong enough to guide and show the next step, but only one at a time. It is enough to light up the surroundings, and reveal the hidden smugglers of the night.

There comes the hard work to build up the muscles to be stronger and stronger, facing the unwanted and opening the eyes to see.

Than it turns to be a real fire, ruptures out of control, finding a voice long lost, and discover a power to reign.

And when it reaches a certain range, the decision has to be made.

Should the fire burn over everything by taking away all the solid grounds risking to loose safety? Or should the fire be stopped and vanished as it causes unnecessary hazard?