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Birth of the Light

In order to transmute the Darkness into Light, first you have to become the Darkness. This is the stage of the Negredo as Jung describes it, and without it, there is no conception. Only from the inside you can make the change. You have to let it through you while standing strong without a flinch to see it for what it is, to separate it into particles, conjunct it with your new perspective to let the fermentation begin.

There is no such a stage that you are enlighten and that is it, you arrived.

Universe is a never ending, always expanding quality and as soon as you start your trip down in the Rabbit hole, you will recognize that it completely depends on you, how far you can reach. The deeper you go, the darker the environment is, and the brighter the light you will find.

There are so many fake love and light gurus who state that the only true sign in the path if you are safe and happy in your place, and only good things happen with you because you are in the flow.

Just couple of questions for that level of ignorance:

Did Jesus Christ fail his mission when he got crucified?

Did Jesus say 'Comon' guys I am out of here it is so negative' or 'love and light only so get that negative vibe away from me?'

No. He fulfilled the prophecy.

He let the Dark take him and he became One with the Darkness. He went through it without a flinch. He dared to look at the center of it to feel it, see it, identify all the particles in it, because that was the only way to turn it around and create a spark of life in it.

And that is how the Sun got born in the darkest Night.

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