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Bird Meditation

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Birds have a special impact on me. Sometimes when I watch them it seems so easy to connect and feel them how they fly, what they see and how they feel that freedom.

I was thinking about what if I write a bird mediation if I can share this experience.

Here it is....

If you are in a room just sit or lay down in a comfortable position and close your eyes.

Imagine that you are sitting on top the mountain and you can see green field and river underneath.

Warm wind touches your skin and you can smell the fresh grass under your feet.

Couple of birds circle above the river. One of them is extremely large, almost reaches human-size. It could be an eagle-kind. This bird represent strength, freedom, independence and the overcoming of all difficulties.

You start to focus your attention to the bird and notice that the bird gently turns his head towards you and recognize you. You ask him through your mind to let you connect.

He accepts it and you feel a gently push inside you and you start to feel that your hands turned into wings and your muscles connects to the bird muscles.

Your wings stretch out and you let your body lay down on a smooth wind stream underneath just like if you lay on a big fluffy blanket.

You use the wind stream and you discover maneuvering by slightly move your wings little up on the right side. You can immediately see how the horizon changes. The left side is getting closer to the river, you can even see how fishes jumping up from it.

You enjoy maneuvering and you fly closer to the river surface to feel the moisture. The air is warmer down there as well. You use the wind stream and speed up, fly on the path of the river-flow and lift up just right before the turn of the river. You fly straight above to reach the top of the trees and fly just above the trees. You feel several different smell and you recognize the pine-tree just by the smell of the air.

You feel a colder breeze on the top of your right wings so you turn towards and use the uplifting stream to reach high above again till the top of the mountain.

On the mountain top you see a large gray stone. You make two circles while getting closer to it till you find a safe place to land.

When your legs stand firm on the ground you feel a gentle pulling out from your inside just like something disconnected and you find yourself again in your body.

When you turn around you can see the large human-size eagle standing just right next to you, looking at your eyes and nodding with his head.

He once more spreads his wings in front of you and you feel an extremely strong energy just passing to you from his body to yours and strengthening you all your body. You feel the fresh energy raising and cleansing all your cells and building up large purple bubble around your body from tiptoe to the top of your head. This is a hollow of healing and rejuvenating energy. When you fully covered by it, he nods again, turns towards the river and leads his body to settle on the next wind-stream and flies away.

You open your eyes and you feel recharged and full of energy.

A3, marker pen drawing,

Source: unknown

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