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Updated: Feb 18, 2020

The state of mind...the zero point...the Beginning and the End...the atom.... It has everything although it seems like nothing. It has the power to create and the power to destroy. It has the will, the energy and all the potential inside, but it stays in stillness, it rests in a steady-state. It is the ‘in-between’ state...the transit...the Middle World...the state of Alpha...the state of being...

Balance of the four elements within the individual - Earth, Water, Fire and Air - is the master-study of Alchemy. Dissolving them in each other in a way to keep their uniqueness is the highest creative energy of all, the creation of Life.

Balance is based on discipline and deep knowledge of the elements. He/She who mastered the skills to hold all the qualities together to dissolve and coagulate.

The Japanese woman worrior - Onna Bugeisha - lead by honor, respect and discipline.

Or simply the state of ‘nine cups’.

A3, color pencil drawing

photo source: unknown

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