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Back to the Druid Roots Weekend Retreat is reloaded.

Updated: May 20, 2023

When I arrived first time to West Ireland I could not deny to feel the vibration of that sacred land of the Celtic. My original plan has been to set up a retreat in my house and provide a safe place with some guidance for all the ones who are searching to return to that remembrance of the Ancient ways.

The plan was perfect, but the timing was not right.

Now 5 years spent and I decided to reawaken that dream and reconstruct that plan using all the extra information and insight I gathered since then.

It is my pleasure to announce that the 'Back to The Druid Roots' (BTDR) retreat is reopened.

Only 4 weekends (the full moon ones) were chosen from October till February, the full moon periods, all of them designed with accommodation and breakfast. Since the retreat is one-to-one personalized retreat, the place and time is very limited, only that 4 places are open.

Please check out the new menu point with all the details.

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