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Award and Punishment

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Most of the societies have the teaching-method of using award/punishment. This method is almost automatized and it works so well nowadays, like a program we follow without even thinking of any kind of higher version. You can see it in child's education, in home set for kids, even in workplace (promotion or salary deduction), in religions, and some very extreme case in home set among adults.

So what is the problem with that method?

The fact, that the method rejects you as an individual and you are nothing more just Pavlov's dog who follows orders without questioning it. You do something cause the teacher/mum/boss/God/husband said that it is right and you will be awarded if you do so, and vice versa. The system does only one thing, makes you dumb, and use you as a subject.

I am not saying it is absolutely wrong cause I know that a higher version method requires certain practice and emotional intelligence and not all of the members has that. What I say is there is a higher level method than the "primitive one".

What is the higher method?

First go back to the example of Pavlov's dog and think about how 'breaking the horses' takes place. Some of the horse-riders say that they have to break the horse's spirit. Perfect. If you break the horse spirit, you will dumb him/her and create a machine.

What about the whisperer? Have you ever heard about it? What about to find a channel to understand the other side? Oh it takes too much time... Yes, that is right. That is the price of a Soul. It is so easy and fast to kill but it takes time to understand.

So lets see... how whisperers work? They are just there.... next to the animal showing no threat... and listen... nothing else... just be there and be patient and wait and listen to understand the other side, to look into his/her eyes, understand his/her world and try to see thorough his/her eyes.

When it happens, trust is gained and you are able to express what exactly do you like from him/her and why, in his/her own language/view of life. That is called Respect.

Ask instead of demand.

And it does not matter it is a cat, a horse, a dog, a child, an employee, a woman or a man. That is the thing, what makes the real connection. That kind of connection what is essential to any kind of interaction.

  • Open Communication

  • Trust

  • Support

  • Respect

The basic 4 for each and every relationship or connection.


Oh it takes time? Yes, it takes... that is why Time was given to us, to learn to love each other without any kind of primitive punishment or awards.

A3 size, marker pen drawing

photo source: unknown

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