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Atlantis project 2. - the Pyramids

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Below article is an interview and an experiment of drawing a vision about the missing period of time, which was the bridge between Atlantis and the Pyramids, by the instruction of Essa Love, Chinese energy healer and meditation coach, owner of EssaLove production.

  • Imagine we travel back in time around 70 thousand years, before the first pyramids were built. How can you describe that time?

It is the Era when the Elders of Atlantis were already warned about a great catastrophe, which would end Atlantis.

To preserve the sacred wisdom and knowledge of the ancient Gods, 27 priests and priestesses were selected and guided by Thoth to Egypt. They brought 12 crystals, which were the basis of setting up a new crystal-net in the new land.

  • Were that 12 crystals taken from Atlantis? What was their purpose and operation?

These crystals were operating as a crystal-net, providing energy, light, electricity to the whole land. But Crystals had also central roles in transportations, communication and healing.

  • Is that something Tesla was referring to?

Yes. In the book what Tesla wrote (The Wall of Light) he mentioned that his source is Planet Venus, and he claimed that planet as his origins.

But Planet Venus was not the only inter-galactical connection. There were several others as well. For example Sirians from Planet Sirius, were masters in information-analysis. They were giving instructions to set up a crystal net, which were the base support to the fly-crafts, kind of airplanes, air-travel vehicles.

There were also Pleiadians, bringing healing, art expression, ideas of light to the Society; or Arcturians bringing technology, or Lyrians bringing the light culture or the ones from Planet Orion.

They used the Earth's magnetism as source of Energy and magnified it with Crystals. There were several crystals based in separate locations, both are connected to the Great Crystal. The crystal system was charged by the Great Crystal.

The whole power system was supplied by the Great Crystal, which was placed in the sacred town called Possidia in Atlantis. A group of High Priests and Priestesses were assigned to work only with the Great Crystal in the temple.

  • Shell we say that the Great Crystal was somehow the same as the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

No. That was not the Great Crystal. The Great Crystal is a special crystal, which only exists in the inner world of Earth like Agarthan. Those are rare high frequency crystals, which transform energy from the Universe through that Black Pyramid to Atlantis.

That material almost disappeared from Earth by the catastrophe. But two of them are still exist hidden from us.

  • What do you mean under “Black Pyramid”?

The most ancient and sacred Great Pyramid in Atlantis was made of hard substance, like some kind of metal, but black in color. But the pyramid was not a completed triangle. The capstone of the Pyramid was a golden white color, very high frequency crystal. That amplified the universe energy and merged with Great Crystal energy together, then spread to all Atlantean pyramids and also to the pyramids in Egypt. They created a crystal net.

You can see now the Pyramids in Egypt actually reflects Orion and Sirius constellation in the Sky. Those three pyramids in Egypt are actually representing the belt of Orion, what is not only a belt but also a portal, a gateway to another universe or to a higher universal realm.

  • What is Agartha?

Agartha was a city located near the Earth core. They were Atlantean people escaped from the disasters.

  • What happened? What action caused the catastrophe?

There were several scientific experiments to build a crystal weapon using the electro-gravitation of the Earth. These experiments were resulted in an explosion. That explosion was so enormous that it also altered the Earth's orbit, which led to a flood.

  • It sounds like God took back his great present, the Great Crystal from us and hidden it again.

We can say so. That crystal was the key to receive communication from other Galaxis.

We have already mentioned that the Great Crystal was in Possidia, it was like a Vatican city. People were connecting to their inner-self, they used mind control, and they were communicating mainly by telepathy. That place was highly developed in spiritual technology.

The basic reason of the fall of the Empire was the materialism, that the central was diverted from the Self to the outside sources. The EGO.

  • Where were those 27 chosen Priests and Priestesses during the explosion?

They were on their way towards Egypt. I had a vision about 12 Priests in white robe standing on a big rock near the Ocean, when the explosion happened and the sky turned to grey in color. The Energy Ball exploded.

  • What do you mean under Energy ball?

When the Great Black Pyramid was in operation, the crystal was floating above the Pyramid, and a golden ball appeared just right under the Crystal. The Golden substance was amplifying the energy. That was pure Energy. During the explosion, that energy ball exploded and it drew unstable golden lines through the sky.

  • What are the consequences of this explosion to our life?

Humanity suffered a so called fallen from Grace. All technology and spiritual advances were taken back and disappeared and remained hidden from the non-initiates. All of that happened in the Age of Leo.

We are now just entered to the Age of Aquarius, the Era of great changes. It is a new Era, when the Earth is moving into a specific part of the Universe, which is much more closer to the Creator. We have much more chance to connect, channel and use that Energy. Manifestation is amplifying. The thoughts are manifesting in matter.

  • So It is a call not to repeat the ancient mistake but instead find the balance to think with the heart and feel with the head, bring harmony to mind and heart and improve our awareness.

We should know we are the key or bridge bringing the Wisdom Of Heaven into the Earth. We should always balance between material world and spiritual world, by transforming all kinds of spiritual wisdom to make a Heaven on Earth. Spiritual and Material World are ONE unit together, just like yin and yang.

  • Thank you so much for the interview and the vision you shared.

Drawing made by the vision, using color pencil, size A5

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