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Atlantis project 2. - the Pyramids

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Below article is an interview and an experiment of drawing a vision about the missing period of time, which was the bridge between Atlantis and the Pyramids, by the instruction of Essa Love, Chinese energy healer and meditation coach, owner of EssaLove production.

  • Imagine we travel back in time around 70 thousand years, before the first pyramids were built. How can you describe that time?

It is the Era when the Elders of Atlantis were already warned about a great catastrophe, which would end Atlantis.

To preserve the sacred wisdom and knowledge of the ancient Gods, 27 priests and priestesses were selected and guided by Thoth to Egypt. They brought 12 crystals, which were the basis of setting up a new crystal-net in the new land.

  • Were that 12 crystals taken from Atlantis? What was their purpose and operation?

These crystals were operating as a crystal-net, providing energy, light, electricity to the whole land. But Crystals had also central roles in transportations, communication and healing.

  • Is that something Tesla was referring to?

Yes. In the book what Tesla wrote (The Wall of Light) he mentioned that his source is Planet Venus, and he claimed that planet as his origins.

But Planet Venus was not the only inter-galactical connection. There were several others as well. For example Sirians from Planet Sirius, were masters in information-analysis. They were giving instructions to set up a crystal net, which were the base support to the fly-crafts, kind of airplanes, air-travel vehicles.

There were also Pleiadians, bringi