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At the gate of Bardo

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

We have been speaking about several keys to reach ASC (Altered State of Conscious). We mentioned hypnosis, meditation, NDE (Near Death Experience), Psychedelics, certain type of holotropic breathwork... etc...

All of them can lead you to a state where your existence opens up to a new dimension and you are able to connect to that Universal Oneness and understand something new and bring it back to this life.

Lets speak about lucid dream this time. We had one version, which was described in the movie of Inception, or we met with this phenomena when Thomas Edison was speaking about the technique where his mind opened up to new ideas... (rather than stealing from Tesla). He called it hypnagogic state.

This is the state between the fully wakefulness and the sleeping state.

Imagine that you learn how to control it, and you will be the leader of your dream, or you can dream with someone else together and meet in the same dream... or what is more... build a connection with someone through dream and bring it forward after physical death.

It is just an initiation towards the subject but it is a note on the side to show the direction where I intend to give more attention.

If you have any studies and ideas to share about the topic, please feel free to comment or send.

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