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Asking for Divine Protection

My Heart is heavy watching ignorance and cruelty,

Watching the World where people behave superior over their brothers and by using their incapability to fight back they

buld*ozering injured children, women and men alive into the ground in hospital garden,

sh7ooting women inside churches,

b*ombing incubators and maternity homes, b*ombing Mosques for fun,

making Tiktok video about tor*turing them, burning their food and supply,

destroying all what is sacred,

and a World stands still because they believe that the cruelty made by some kind of victim, with some kind of privilege to kill.

Or Worse, the World leaders prepared to this one and using those sickened ones to do the dirty work to “clean the land for their own future profit” so they even send the highest tech weap*ons to make it quick.

My heart is heavy

Watching how humanity dies out in the Western world and spiritual leaders turn blind eyes towards brothers in need.

Watching how it is perfectly ok to k*ill first 10 children, then 100 children, then 1000 children, then 10000 children. But now they normalized it. Its “just the usual Middle East drama” they say and go back to finish their preparation for Christmas, Celebrating a Pale*stinian kid to be born in Pale*stine. Who cares about 10 000 dead at the same time?

How many will be enough? How many? What do you need more?

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