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Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Clarissa Pinkola Estes said that fairy tales, myths and stories are all the collection of ancient wisdom and they are able to awaken the instinctual nature of the Devine Feminine.

Lord of the Rings trilogy is definitely one of the mythical universe which contains complex view about a different era and offers plenty of references for reconnection and healing.

Since I am working on my new program "Seven aspects of the Strong Women" I was examining the two different qualities, the Warrior and the Healer and the interaction between them.

During this period I found two relevant sources about that kind of dual qualities.

Arwen from Lord of the Rings has a spectacular scene when she rules the elements of water to fight against the Dark riders and just a split second later she touches the hobbit and she channels healing energy to him.

The trilogy is worthy of its reputation since in this couple of minutes it gave a layered view of an idea about that kind of ancient Divine Sources.

I found an other source as well, which was out of my sight first. It was captured in the Wild. A leopard after killing a baboon, found her puppy and instead of killing, the killer instinct got override by Mother Nature and she started to take care of the little Baboon.

Since it is a true nature source without any kind of manipulation, that Devine Feminine instinct showed up in its purest form as a role of protector above all other instinct.

Warrior and Healer,'Kali' and 'Parvati' are the two ancient aspects. Their cooperation can be only expected if the level is high enough to offer the opportunity to evolve in each other. And over there in this higher level, non-judgmental, non-demand and pure ambiance, the Devine Feminine is ready to thrive.

Color pensil drawing, A3

photo source: Lord of the Ring movie scene

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