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Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Imagine, that there is a parallel universe existing around/among us. But the only way to see/feel/interact is to understand their language and their way of interaction and their way of life-style.

Imagine that their world is not in our 3D rather in 4D. Their time/space continuum is not linear but rather a complicated matrix with connecting dots sorted by core-points.

How will you manage to do that jump to reach and understand them? How willing you are to expend your way of thinking outside the box?

While studying the ASC in connection to memory storage and retrieve I gave a try using the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis on it and one of my favorite movie came to mind. Arrival is an extraordinary one. It is something special not just because of the different view point used to approach the theme of aliens but also because it brings deep philosophical theories to the table. What if we change perspective and try to understand ‘time’ out of the linear concept? What if the act of stepping out of the cultural programing let us understand other kind of communications and widening the area of understanding the Universe around us? What if we reach the certain level of IQ and EQ which develop the tool to recognize pattern in different kind of communication instead of closing down or attack it? Would you dare to communicate straight and open and share your world and take the risk of being attacked just to understand and find the way to the other? Would you take the ride if you know what will be the cost at the end of the journey?

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