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A tale about the Third eye

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

There are lots of Myths speaking about an ancient time, long ago when giants were living on Earth and they had high-level technology and they could access that ancient wisdom-source through their third eye.

They could experience all three dimensions (physical-astral-soul) at the same time. They understood 'time' not in a linear but in a spiral-terms and they could see all three aspects of every single events and beings. They received information from great distance by simply connected to the vibration frequencies. They saw energies and they could easily heal with it, since they saw the blockage and they just removed it. They created things from unseen through manifestation and they just called it out from the imagery to the physical world.

Myths said it was long time back before human ever stepped on Earth.

Since then we have modern technology and we used it to speed up times. We simplified time to a linear aspect and we rush that monoton cyclic-pattern of producing-consuming and completely forget about the main reason why we are here in the first place. The third eye closed.

What if I tell you that those myths have true-value in it? What if I tell you that there is a way to connect to that spiral-time term where past-present and future exists together in one, in you? What if I tell you that Tesla was one of them who found a way to break into that ancient secret? What if I tell you that the key is still here among us? What if I tell you that all you need is your faith, patience and practice to find it? Would you start searching for it or just go back to the cyclic-pattern of producing and consuming?

A3, marker pen drawing

photo source: Golden Compass movie scene

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