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(A) I Origins

Nowadays I have had a very interesting debate with the Hong Kong community about my new favorite topic 'A.I. and about if the extraordinary speed in scientific updates could be considered dangerous for Humanity. The topic is extremely complicated and there are so many perspectives we could approach it. My very first and simplest approach is through the idea of the necessary balance between the heart and mind. In order to reach wholeness in life, your heart and mind needs to reach a peaceful alignment. Since the scientific approaches are racing forward without any consideration of the matter of the heart, sooner or later there will be a breakage in between that two, and the consequences would be devastating, since there is no life without heart.

I do add it here that these ideas are my point of view only, and that approach is everything but scientific.

While I love speaking in symbols and metaphors, as it breaths air into the conversation, there were some curiosities, if the mind is considered the logic and A.I, how the heart could be defined.

Heart - in this case - represents the metaphor, the symbol, the unconscious trigger, the intution, the mother instinct and all what is unscientific and unexplainable by logic.

But there is a wonderful movie which gave it a try to explain the operation of that Un-logical world and it is the movie 'I Origins'.

It is a low budget movie, so do not expect fancy Hollywood fames and starts, but still, there is something in that movie what takes you down to level Ground, and makes you check all your (believed to be) firm-based theories.

When I first watched it, the unexpected turns hit me out completely and I was shocked for days. On the next watch I was more prepared, and I would focus more to the details. The movie is a brilliant piece of art with a very deep message.

#AI #Iorigin #heartandmind

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