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A call for a divine Masculine

Leaders are supposed to be role models. But look around, the political elite built up a system based on aggression, hate, domination and greed. They praise a world where everything is about profit where female reporters are shouting out of control abusing Arabic men and claiming some kind of fake feminine rights or accusing them of rape without any evidence and by doing so they are destroying the real purpose of Feminism.

The system they built is based on aggression from both genders. It is not a surprise that the generation growing up on these examples are acting violent with no respect towards each other and their biggest achievement is playing out their ego by abusing others.

The real threat is not a nation or a religion. The real threat is a man with God-complex, who wants to dominate Mother-Earth and feels entitled to demolish all what is sacred by silencing the real MAN and WOMAN.

But despite of the visible advantage of the Patriarchy, there is something powerful growing under the surface.

The suffering or the witnessing of the suffering awakened the missing values of resilience, courage, loyalty, solidarity, love and respect. The darkness called out the light, and despite of the desperate effort of building up a fake propaganda by trying to paint the heroes as wicked and the wicked as heroes, the masks have fallen. We are to witness the true treasures coming to the surface and reborn a category not only of a real MAN but of a real WOMAN.

The powerful woman who leads by compassion and love, standing her ground with utmost resilience and honor. This is the brand of a woman who is not here to play games and definitely won't sink down to competition. She is here to build community, to care and nurture the youth, to protect the weak, to teach and stand in truth by leading the way back Home to Peace, Healing and Love.

Ga7a is not only showing us the true face of the political elite but they showing us a way to rebuild, reawaken the ancient golden heritage of something timeless, magical, long forgotten but always present.

The only question is, are you able to notice it and reconnect to it?

This post is dedicated for all courageous women of Ga7a holding up the light and establishing the values for a new generation.

Art ctto: Said Hassan

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