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When I set up this page I made a series of portrait drawing to describe the principles of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in a world where the Patriarchy filled with greed destroys everything what is true.

Since the gen0*cide started in the last 90 days we can see a Nation tested in the harshest conditions and still showing up with incredible resilience and courage.

The MAN, Wael whose wife and son and grandchildren were mur*dered in the beginning of the ma22acre somehow stood up from his loss and went out again to the hardest, darkest place to show the world the unbelievable bru*tality. He was filming when his best friend cameraman was bo*mbed and he got shot as well. But next day he was out of the hospital with an IV in his hand and went again to do the job, to be the eyes of the Truth. Today his remaining son was ki11ed.

I do not know how much a MAN can endure and when I started this journey to discover the real values of a Divine Masculine, I would never think that I will witness such a deep beating heart, such a gentle loving Soul, such a Warrior, such Human, such a MAN.

He established a family heritage, a team, a disciplined life. He gathered the youth and trained the best journalists. He showed the world not only the bru7ality of the oppressors but also, he opened the Eyes to see a different category of MAN. The MEN with full capital, who go out day by day together, hold each other in their pain, support each other family and lift up all the ones around, even if that duty takes the most precious lives from them.

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