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This is Sami. He loves playing in the streets and he has a dream to be a football player. He has a big brother, Malek, who is 12 and teaches him some tricks with the ball. These are Sami’s favorite time at the beach, when he is with his brother and the other kids. But Sami was ki-lled by Iz-ra-elian army in front of Malek’s eyes, because those soldiers believe that Sami and Malek are not human but just animals. So when Malek threw a rock on the soldier who mur-dered his brother, he was taken to a prison for 20 years and was locked up in a so-li-tary con-fi-nement with little intervals of getting out when soldiers hit him. But it did not happen in October, it happened years ago. Nobody did a thing since all the media was covered up with a well-built propaganda showing Sami and Malek as collateral damage or waste and praising the soldiers for their bravery for keeping their field safe from the “dirty animals”. And there have been 5000 Sami and uncounted thousands of Malek since then and several desparate attempts from their parents’ side to show the world the truth over the expensive media campaign of the rich. Then one day couple of brave men and women came out from the hiding and took their camera and started to record the cru-elty of this “victim but heroic soldiers”. The truth came out. But the cru-elty rased as well. They doubled the propaganda by att-acking their own people on a festival and making hundreds of badly edited fake videos to set up a trigger for the final wipe out. They ki-lled 72 journalists just in the last few weeks and bo-mmed down hospitals, mosques, schools and houses. They cut down electricity, water, food and made it illegal to collect rainwater. They atta-cked and bo-mmed the ambulence and stole the injured ones from it.

But the world is watching this time. Despite the fact that people are threa-tened by taken away their jobs if they dare to open their mouth for the smallest criticism, they are watching. And that attention generates an Energy what has never seen before. Even if they took a break of ki-lling just for shopping and celebrating “Thanksgiving” with their loved ones, their actions speak loud. What started as a whispear, made a crack on the wall to give a glimpse and it is becoming louder and louder till the trumpets will join in and the wall of Jerico will fall again. But this time from the other side.

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