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Updated: Jun 11, 2021

The way you live,

the way you think,

the way you decide and act upon are the signs of your character and your development in progress.

The question is - how far have you reached to harmonize those thoughts, feelings and actions and how far have you reached to extend your awareness to the rate when observation steps ahead of judgement and understanding rises.

How far have you reached in order to experience both sides of the story, and how far have you reached to establish those healthy borders and strengths to be able to hold a firm, unshakable presence in-between the opposites while standing face to face with the paradox?

Have you made the effort to go to the deepest vale to face the deepest darkness? Have you had the courage to question the foundations of your life, which were built in automatically by society, religion, culture? Have you had the courage to question everything no matter how firm it seemed to be based?

Because until you are able to take apart your major cornerstones to measure them up, and build it correctly again, you have not figured out anything about your true self.

Do you really want to know who you trully are? So dissect every little pieces of you and investigate the reason why it is there and investigate its legacy, its value under the purest light, the strongest fire.

Will you dare to test it on fire? Will you dare to burn it all and burn away the pieces which were found unworthy? Will you?

Because that is the way to be able to stand your ground in full authenticity, to become ready for the scale of Maat: your heart against the feather.

Will it sound 'mene mene tekel upharsin' or will it be the stepping stone to the Highest?

#maatscale #menemenetekelupharsin #libra #scale #sacredsymbols

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