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Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Time after time it comes to my mind what this word ‘home’ means in relation with nationality and identity. Is that normal if the meaning differs between these two categories? As living abroad for more than ten years it is a reawakening emotion every time I hear news about my country and its political issues. Immigration is always a hard issue to speak about and it has this constant secondary citizenship feeling as a stamp on you. Being a secondary or third citizen is something I get used to. On the other side, the emotions what you feel when you hear about your country in the international news is something different to deal with. Even if you try to be out of the political world as much as possible there is still an open wound, connected to the targeted zone - your “home" - when it is at stake.

Home? The place where you belong... or you belonged... your nationality.

Is that your identity? Is that who you are?

Are you responsible for the political system of “your” government? What does it mean getting the stamp that you are betraying your country just because you are not willing to be part or support the ruling forces? I remember I got this stamp around a year after I left home saying ‘if you leave your home when it is in trouble, you are a betrayal.’ Is that so? Am I rootless? What does it mean rootless? How does it feel when somebody sitting at home blaming you as a traitor just because you left? How does it feel when you know there is no way back? How can it be right to send soldiers to fight for a political war and die for somebody else’s political game? Is that patriotic? Is that really a good thing loosing a life for defend someone else's ideology? You are not connected to the political opinion but it is still your nationality. Is that mean that you have to support the political elite just to be accepted in your nationality? Is your nationality is equal with your identity? Why nationality became equal with politics?

I love my country, the land where I was born, where I first touched the ground, where my energy get connected to Mother Earth. I connected to that energy vibration for a reason, and every time I go home I feel the same old connection to that same old land. Does it mean it is my nationality? Or more likely it is connected to my identity and the special vibration code I have with that land? Cause in that point I can say I am totally independent from the political and cultural belief and all what identifies me is the vibration I own. Being rootless in that case is not defined. Cause in that meaning you are home wherever you feel home; wherever your vibration manage to connect deep down to reach the ancient source. And that is the true identity. So all of you getting the stamp of being a traitor of your country, please release. You are not a traitor. You are a traveler in Mother Earth as all of us. We are here to learn, to experience until we all go back to that ancient source.

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