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Coma, and received messages

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

I saw this youtube video from Claire Wineland, the girl who has a medical condition and doctor's gave her one more year to live. In this video it was also mentioned that she went through a coma and her parents described it as she came back with an old soul.

When I saw that girl, Claire having this experience and came back with that kind of spirit of knowing what is life about, I felt passion for her and her journey. She is a gift and her mission is a magical one. I wish her much more longer life than what the doctors predicted and I wish people will help her to get money for the lungs transplantation. I believe that we need much more from that kind of girl like Claire, than fakeness money-lords like Trump. I believe that if we work together and support her, she can have longer life and we can hear her, see her and listen her message longer,

because this girl has a message important for all of us.

So this blog is dedicated to Claire Wineland and her foundation

A3, marker pen drawing

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