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7 Aspects of the Strong Woman - Back to the Druid roots

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Clarissa Pinkola Estes' outstanding book 'Women who run with the wolves" is one of the most detailed psychological study of the woman psyche. When I was thinking to set up the 'Back to the Druid Roots' Retreat with a theme of Strong Women I was looking for a source which can be suitable for that title and Clarissa's work is far beyond the level.

During the program set-up, I have chosen 7 aspects based on her book.

Each aspects I have chosen offered a different dimension which I was glad to sign myself to dive in. It has taken days for each of these aspects to search for myths, legends, stories; and to find the major roots and symbols to brought them up and build them into the program.

I used the Jungian theory of 'the symbols-effect on the unconscious' and while I was searching I let myself to be taken to a ride by those symbols as well to reach to that non-logical level of the deep psyche.

This journey is touching the major transformation route of the woman life and giving lights to the blockages on the way.

Using certain tasks and games, triggering senses are able to bring this blockages back from unconscious to conscious and able to dissolve them to a constructive structure.

When I was setting up these programs I also realized that the program is too deep and too rich to cover up everything from one aspect within one single day. It also depends on the receiver how much we can reach.

So I decided to do some pre-work booklets for each aspects. These booklets are kinds of information materials and preparations with myths, legends, short stories connected to the theme and a starting step to find the symbolic world behind it. There are certain tasks and questionnaires at the end which are all designed to drive the attention to that unconscious symbols.

These booklets can be found under the link "free downloads".

For more information and clarification I am also planning to do a blog-introduction to each elements of the program. Please feel free to check out and download those booklets and do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

A3 size, marker pen drawing

photo source: unknown

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