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2023/24: From the Solar Plexus to the Anahata

The year of 2023 was the year of the Solar Plexus so the year of 2024 should be...Anahata.

This year was not just a single solo year of many, but - for me at least - it seemed an exam year from the lessons of the previous four with the theme of standing up for the Self.

I had to learn the very hard lesson that having a quiet life with love and light only will make you the utmost target of the mass, which could not dare to confront their own shadow.

One of the saddest things was experiencing how the brutal lie became accepted as truth just because it was announced by some higher rank, or because it was repeated continuously. And it works in small communities the same way as in Global level, it works in the topic of Health and Science the same way as in the topic of Religion or Race.

Watching how a person/a nation/ a religion became the target of hate and how it is used as a shaming wall of shadow projection just because their existence is in the way of some high interests is only half of the story.

The other half is the passive mass, hypnotized into some kind of catatonia, where fear or/and ignorance is the dominating power, when people, even spiritual leaders turn away from 'the people in need' and rather close their eyes not to lose their comfortable, safe position (it is easier for a Camel to enter a needle).

I watched how patriotism or job position turned people against each other and make them believe in a fantom superiority and led them downgrade others as subhuman. The group identity driven by hatred from deep seated fear and unresolved trauma got realized in a Global Nightmare.

The choice what was given by the World was clear: join to the hate, be small or be silenced.

But what if...

...Silence is not an option... and your Solar Plexus kicks it out because the time has come to heal that wound, which was covered by bullshit/fertilizer for so long.

And as soon as you set the intention out in personal level, the Universe response to it. Or maybe it is the other way around, when we globally reach the level when despite of the oppression, the truth comes out, we start to respond to it in personal level.

That is how in this year, I decided to stand up against all the lie and showed myself and built a new platform and as a response, the 5 years shadow ban from my Facebook account got disappeared and I received several interview opportunities.

Social Media, which was supposed to build to take away our focus from the corruption, actually became the tool to reveal that corruption. It has never happened in the history before, that a genocide became so well documented with brutal video footage. So, either if it spreads from personal level to the Global scale or Vica versa one thing is sure, the truth is out, and it requires courage and strong stand.

This year was the year of Solar Plexus, when the Ones who found that deep reunion to the Soul, finally made a structure, a channel and find a way to form a shape and create an Oasis in the middle of the Desert and make a foundation for unity and community.

The year of 2024? As the Energy rising from Solar Plexus, it reaches the Heart. When the Masculine Energy provides a strong and safe structure what is ready to hold, that is the invitation for the Feminine Energy, to come and fill it up with values and with the deepest love and care both in global and personal level.

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