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2022: Make your own fire and warm up the others

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Number 2 in numerology means partnership and relationship. 2022 is the year of collaboration, solidarity and standing strong together.

We are living in a historical time and we need all hands on desk now. It is our time to stand and hold that torch and make our own fire to keep others warm.

If you have that strong foundation on the real roots, you have all the potential to step into the creative power and call upon the ancient sources and channel those energy into Earth-level existence.

We are experiencing the collapse of a Society but also a birth of a new World.

It is our opportunity to make changes by putting down the cornerstone of real values like freedom, equality, love, respect, loyalty and honesty and build upon these universal principles.

So put your hands on desk because we have task to do to bring back that magic.

Create your own gift: a simple act of caring with a signiture of your own energetical code, based on those universal principles.

Send it out with your intention and offer it as your own sacrifice.

Make it pure.

Make it real.

Make it count.

#newyear #2022 #energeticalcodesending

A3, marker pen drawing, source unknown

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