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Researches about the deeper meaning of life, Hermetic Philosophy, Jungian Psychology, balancing Divine Energies and so much more... 

'If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration.'

Nikola Tesla

Altered State of Conscious - ASC

1. General

2. Psychedelics




-Dissociative Anesthetics

3. Near Death Experiences - NDE

4. Out of Body Experiences - OBE

-Remote Viewing

-Astral Projections

5. Lucid Dreaming 

6. Hypnosis and Breathing Technics

7. Mediumistic states




8.Meditative States 

-Mindful Meditation

-Yoga Sutras

- Absorptive trance states (Shock)

- Flow states

- Sexual experiences

Personality factors

1. Genes

2. Cosmic Plane /Astronomy/Astrology

3. Learnt Reaction - Pavlov, Skinner, Watson

4. Experiences

5. Family and Surroundings - psychological effects

6. Socialization - social norms

7. Culture/Religion/Nationality/Race

8. Reincarnation/ karmic  tasks

Healing Remedies

1. Methods

2. Guide

3. Meditations

Symbols, Archetypes and Psychoanalysis

1. General - Jung, Estes, Szepes

2. Tarot

3. Codes

4. Myths and symbolical stories

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