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Szilvia is the Owner of T.S.Evita Artworks, marker-pen artists, art therapist and psychologist.

After receiving her juris doctor she spent ten years in the Middle East advocating human/woman rights and participating in several non-profit organization. During these years she travelled around the world, visited orphanage villages in Africa and India,  underwent the mystical Avalon trip in Brittany, and received Putzia, the maya initiation ceremony in Mexico. 

She received one-on-one trainings from Shaman Masters in Hawaii, Mayan Elders in Mexico, Hungarian Seers and Shamans and energy healers in Hungary.

She became certified practitioners of Reincarnation Hypnosis by Brian L. Weiss, the author of the bestseller book, Many Life Many Master. 

During her trips she has been also seeking wisdom in Science with a belief that the mystical and the scientific routes must have a common source. She received her master degree of Psychology and commenced deeper investigations about the brain-mechanism during creative activity, and about the healing ability of art. 

She founded T.S.Evita Artworks and specialized to marker-pen drawings and her first exhibition was held in Dubai. 

After returning back to Europe she participated several international forums to advocate women rights and spirituality, she was guest-speaker in Youth Philosophical Societies in Malaysia and in the Netherlands. 

She is a strong believer that there is a common ancient root for all wisdom and our task is to create our own channel to connect to it. 

A Life Journey of a Soul 

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