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Updated: Oct 5, 2022

According to the definition, doubt is a mental state in which the mind remains suspended between two or more contradictory propositions, unable to be certain of any of them. Doubting is inherent to the human brain.

In other words, we have a special gift, which makes us different from the other species, the ability to question situations/concepts/ideas etc.

And there comes trust, which is to allow credit irrespective of the circumstances.

Nowadays I had the pleasure to participate in a discussion about religion and science investigating the possibility of them in exchanging their roles. The conversation was mind-blowing and triggered lots of thoughts.

From my point of view I would say while religion answers our unconscious needs, science entertains the conscious parts. We need both of them to operate. But...

The problem starts, when instead of using them as a tool of getting to know ourselves more, the tools become the weapon of manipulation and the source for power-seeker.

In an ideal world, questioning can not be a problem, since every doubts call for deeper investigation, and leads to deeper roots in both field. Challenging something or someone brings things to attention or brings the person out of his/her safe zone and gives them the opportunity to evolve.

How many times I heard people saying to me that they are blessed in their little safe bobble where nothing can happen to them. Yes, the ship is also safe in the harbor but that is not the task of the ship. A life without development slowly loses the real life energy and the stagnation or automatization densifies all parts into a solid form. When it reaches that so called 'crystalized' state, there is no more change possible, and the energy is not able to move anymore, that is death in the energetic point of view.

All religious systems originally have been built around a certain idea or vision, which with time, has distanced further and further from the original idea. The energy which has been fed the original discovery, has vapored out from the literature and it changed places with dogma, the crystallized, solid structure of the once infinite view.

Nowadays, we can hear the statement 'trust the science', and it should alert the danger what happens when questioning is not allowed anymore, and the system becomes so rigid, that the science turns to be a dogmatic religion as well.

What is the solution then?

If we remain open, and dare to question everything, ourselves, the world, the religion and science, we have the chance to trigger the particles into a whirlpool and always find something new and unique to evolve, which would fulfill our life with fresh energy.

If you want to trust in something, trust the unknown. Trust the Universe, and surrender your whole Self to the fact that nothing is under control. And if you do so, that trust would show you the original life source itself.

#trust #surrender #doubt

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Plot: Once upon a time there was girl blessed with a curious, brilliant, open mind, and an idea of living life according to her own terms. She was enthusiastic, brave with full of talents and all she wanted is to discover deeper understanding about life itself.

Lets play a game and place her in different historical time in the last 2000 years intervals.

The age is around 450AD, the girl is beautiful, young, and instead of the usual women's path of becoming a housewife, she decided to research Astrology. She had built her own astrolabes and she provided several studies about the planetary alignments. Her intellect received recognition in high circles. Her brilliant logical mind was high above the era and her sparkling presence gave her a royal ambiance. Several men tried to be her husband but she refused all of them and declared not to participate any kind of sexual relationship.

Her name was Hypatia of Alexandria, and her sin was to be born as a woman and to dare to reject to be a subject of a man, and to follow the ancient path of worshiping Mother Earth referred as Pagan.

In 450AD, village mob with Christian beliefs grabbed her to the market floor, teared her dress off from her, pulled her, raped her and tore her body into pieces. Her death was one of the most calculated and most violent murder of that time.

Go forward and jump up in time...

The year is 2015, the girl name is Farkunda of Kabul, a beautiful young 27 years old girl, a religious teacher with an open mind, who likes investigating different topics and discussing political and religious matters. She is also single with a belief that she has the right to choose her life path.

Her sin is most probably to have brain and to dare to be alive.

On 19th of March, village mob with Islamic beliefs grabbed her, beaten her to death while others were standing, watching and taking video of it.

Jump a bit farther in time....

The year is 2022, the girl name is Mahsa Amini of Teheran, a highly talented, beautiful 22 years old girl, who came home for a week to get her University papers signed.

On 16th September a so called 'morality police' arrested her with a sin that her hair came out from her head-scarf. She was beaten to death by police forces.

If you dare to dig deeper you would find much more alike stories from our Patriarchic world. The reality is you do not need to go far to see how it works. If you are a single woman on your own choice, who wish to use and improve your skills and talent in science, and dare to stand up to build something creative and unique, that is perfectly enough to trigger sick-minded people to build a castle of lie around you according to their own dirty mind in order to capture you inside and silence you.

It does not matter which religion it is, it does not even need to be a religion. The propaganda will work just as well. Do you remember how people attacked others based upon their health-choice couple of months ago?

Mother Earth is in danger, they said. But, it is not the climate change you need to be worried about. It is the hatred what is spreading and it is highly contagious. It is the intention to divide and conquer and the idea what does not allow you to rely to your own thoughts, specially if you are a female. It is the complete cut off from your intuitive feminine side. And while the media is speaking about global warming, I am speaking about the area of frozen hearts, which leads to cruelty and violence, when any women can be silenced by men brutality.

If I have learnt something about Mother Earth is that: We are looking for improvement on the wrong direction. It is not by stricter dictatorial restriction which lead us to the solution, but the opposite.

It is to open up towards each other and start to listen and accept each other.

When we start to teach our Men that it is ok to cry and it is ok to feel, when we give an open path to all our women to be free and be who they truly are, that is how Mother Earth is healing, and that is what could bring real change to the system.


Hypatia Of Alexandria, The Intellectual Stoned To Death By A Christian Mob (

picture: Shamsia Hassani

In memoriam of Hypatia, Farkunda, Masha Amini - R.I.P.

@shamsiahassani #hypatia #farkunda #mashaamini

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Do you remember the movie Bombshell, speaking about sexual harrasments at workplace and how the girls are silenced in it?

You would think that time has changed since than but let me tell you something...

If you have to fight in daily basis not to be addressed by obscene words - that is sexual harrasment..

If you have to fight in daily basis to keep their distance and not to stand so extremely close to you that you feel their breath - that is sexual harrasment...

If you have to fight in daily basis to stop asking questions about your private life and intimate matters - that is sexual harrasment...

If you are addressed in daily basis in an unpolite way in public, giving suggestions to the audience of any kind of sexual relationship - that is sexual harrasment...

If you have to fight in daily basis not to receive thousands of messages at the mid of the night - that is sexual harrasment...

Some of us came from a warrior backgrond and we fought battles like this already. Some of us get used to that kind of treatment so well, that we normalized it and fighting it daily became the norm. Some of us believe that our resilience is needed to be proven again and again.

But darling,

No matter how much you love your job, and how much it fullfills your dream, this is your life as well, and handling daily japardize against your peace will take much more than you think.

The movie Bombshell give an insider look about the privilege of the Patriarchic world, where if something goes wrong, they immediately call the cleaning team to silence and hide the victim. It speaks volumes about misused power, cruelty and passive or active agression which destroying not only the women who tries to handle it in order to keep the job but also all the real men who are pushed to a position of silent observer without any possibility to provide the protection what they meant to give.

No matter how tempting is the opportunity, the damage it causes to both side is the real threat against true values.

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