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If I had a daughter, I would tell her how difficult it is to be authentic Woman in today's Fake world.

I would tell her how much effort and strength it needs to stand among the Patriarchal abuses, which disinfecting, poisoning and chloriding out the rough truth and making plastic and silicon fakeness to replace us, where the competition for Triangle can be won by a cube.

I would tell her how hard it is to watch how society loses its values and how it gets washed down by their manufactured propaganda.

I would tell her how the lack of real woman values weakening the link in the relationship and creates weak men who switch real authentic lead to control and instead of providing protection, they are getting further and further away from the Source, from the gate of their Soul.

But I would also tell her that NO MATTER WHAT, the real essence of the Divine Feminine is inside her body. I would tell her that her body is sacred, it is the Temple of Goddess, which holds the greatest miracle of all, and inside her there is the gate to the TRUE HOME, and she has the channel to bring new Souls to this Universe.

I would tell her that by simply holding her magnetic presence and share it with only the one who tested worthy, she can give birth to a NEW WORLD, where real values, true essence of love will be the foundation and Men will be proud to protect her against all the plastic fakeness and aggressive abuse.

If I had a daughter, I would tell her no matter how hard it takes, it would be worthy to stand for the TRUTH because she is powerful enough to use that channel to bring back the TRUE VALUES. And when true values are aligned, that is the definition of REAL BEAUTY.

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One of the most concerning topics nowadays is the Climate Change, and under this umbrella there can be found lots of very powerful manipulations.

Do not misunderstand me. We have to do something.

BUT... Whatever we decide to do, need to be aligned with Mother Earth and NOT with the wealthy and power-greedy apparatus.

Since the beginning when I read Klaus Schwab's pamphlet of 'Great Reset' it was obvious, that in it, the balance was override with the aim of power-concentration in one hand and for that, they needed an emergency in order to establish a largest surveillance system ever. So it was Covid. Canada was the role model, and it was greatly showed how a once called freedom country turned into tyranny where civilians' bank account got frozen as a penalty for their opinion.

As I said, we need to do something. But the most important thing is how.

During my research I found Vandana Shiva and her work as an agricultural expert. She gave a deeper insight about the necessity of biodiversity and explains how the same power-oriented mechanism is working on destroying our Natural habitat in order to create fields to establish artificial food-chain which would raise their income more in the expense of our health.

Most serious example is the case of the Dutch farmers and how it was decided that the European Center of meat production was needed to be dismantled because its existence endangering the fast-growing artificial food markets.

It seems there is a gap growing between an approach which has a hidden agenda of concentrated power, and another one with the intention of aligning deeper with Nature.

As Gus Speth explained once: “I used to think the top environmental problems were biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse, and climate change. But I was wrong. The top environmental problems are selfishness, greed, and apathy... and to deal with those we need a spiritual and cultural transformation. -And we, scientists, don't know how to do that."

So what does that mean?

Aligning with Nature requires more 'surrender' instead of control of Natural forces and requires to work with those forces in harmony instead of using them and abusing them.

It is our home and our future, and our quality of life depends on our decision. Do we choose the AI planned design and marching into a robotic world where sooner or later the AI will override our will by declaring us harmful and disposable or do we choose Mother Earth and take one step back, slow down and start to listen to our instincts.

Science is not all. The violent way of logic through the Patriarchal system has made enough damage already.

There is a deeper understanding beyond. That is the Great Wisdom, which can not be understood by only logic. This is also the source for your gut instinct.

Our solution to the problem lays in that source, and it is our task to find a way back there and harmonize mind and heart. Our future depends on that personal connection you individually establish with Mother Earth. The quality of that bond is the key to that secret garden where our future can be planted.

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Not so long ago I wrote a blog about a scale of Self Awareness and explain a bit deeper why I separate myself from that greedy group of 'having people' who have lost connection to their Soul and marching over everyone to follow their never-ending desire.

I wrote a lot to highlight the differences and to lift up and support the real ones, especially the MEN who dare to stand and follow their dreams, who dare to live from their heart. You know the one who provides, protects, and leads. THE MAN.

Long time back I was working for a fun airlines back in Europe and Dani was a first officer on that time. He was Mr. Handsome, the tall boy from the cockpit, who is funny, intelligent and - surprisingly - very humble. The perfect one.

I also had a wonderful girl colleague, Adri, who was just like a doll, beauty and adorable, full of love and kindness. When we heard that they found each other, there was a feeling in my heart that life is back on track, because something just got right. The balance in restored, and hope returned. And I was not the only one who felt that.

Couple of months later, their path separated, and I remember how the whole airlines were working to put them back together. After all, it was not just a simple fairy tale, but it was our hope that truth still exists. So it does.

They got married - the perfect wedding. They did not rush anything, they waited to step forward slowly to flavor each new event with pace. Not to much fancy, but everything in grace. The twins arrived couple of years later and they became not just a perfect couple but a perfect family. You know the one, with no drama, no showoff, just humble and the beauty and harmony was so touching, that even if you have been surrounded by Evil, you knew, that there has been hope, there has been harmony and beauty in this world.

When I arrived back from the Middle East, there was a short period of time when I was still flying but in this time in a European Airlines and our path with Dani was crossed again. This time the accomplished commander was standing in front of me, the Cross qualified training captain with a humble heart who spoke about his loving and beautiful wife and his wonderful three kids and I know the world is in the right track.

Three years passed. One week ago, they have just celebrated the twins leaving the nursery, and a day later an article landed in my email with no explanation. It was clean and deadly: 'A light aircraft crashed in the Sea.' That was it. The Silence. The shock. The unbelievable. The breakage of the fairytale in the mid.

Somehow, somewhere I know that he was living his dream and followed it till the end. That is why he was called to an upper stage while he was already in the sky. He was a Man of duty and honor, living a life as a role model.

Why he was called all of a sudden? Who knows? The path of each individual is different. I believe we signed up ourself to what to accomplish in this life long before we were born. He accomplished it.

But he left behind a wonderful family, an adorable lovely lady, who became a mother, and the strongest pillar of the family of three little kids. I wish I could bring relief of any kind to process the memory of that 16 wonderful years, which has been astonished everyone who knew it, and I wish I could give strength for that transition what forming through that wonderful and vulnerable heart right now. But I do not know how. All I know is that 'HOPE' which was awakened by their pure existence and union is still there and it exists forward in Adri's beautiful and strong heart and in her children who holds that same essence of love.

R.I.P. Daniel Sebastian Czitan

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