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We are witnessing how a deeply implemented (state)mass-hypnosis turns people into monsters so they lose all senses to reality and wash off their last trace of humanity…

“Man's task is to become conscious of the contents that press upward from the unconscious.” Jung

You, whoever read this, if you understand what is going on, you are our beacon of hope. Hold your ground with us while the world is passing through its own axis.

I have never imagined that there will be a time when instead of countless improvement in human emotional development, we have to go down to the basics and teach that Killing is wrong!!!!

But here we are in 2024 and I shout out loud to all those people out there who lost all kind of connection to their heart:


It does not matter which religion, race, ethnic group, skin color it is aimed. It is against every single moral standards.

And blaming the ones who standing up in this Chaos to shout out that Killing is Wrong, and labeling them as antisemitic or hamas supporter shows only the level of damage on our Moral and Ethical Codes.

How much deeper do we need to sink down to recognise that hurting an other Soul is a damage to Our Own?

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When the world is turning upside down and all the values are vanished or repainted and recalibrated by Hollywood, we need to speak about the Real Feminine, you know the Divine One.

The Divine Feminine consists of 3 equally important parts: Maiden, Mother, Crone.

The Maiden has the gifts of being playful, joyful, spontaneous, adventurous. She is Persephone.

The Mother has the gifts of nurturing, caring, healing, supporting, comforting, building nest or shelter and providing safety and warm. She is Demeter.

And the third part is the one deleted, censored out from modern history by the Propaganda since She is the most essential one, the One who owns the power of all.

The Crone is the guide who knows the way. She is Hecate with Cerberus under her command. She descended to the Underword as Persephone, she dared to face her fear and feel all the pain when she opened the birth channel to bring life into this World as Demeter, and she integrated all of them into herself. For her bravery she became the keeper of the key to the gate of Wisdom and through it, she has the Saint Grail in her possession.

She is the Crone, who hold the playful, joyful characters of a maiden, the nurturing and healing power of the mother and the full embodied power-essence of the Crone. She commands the Elements, and she has her own protection by Cerberus.

Whoever managed to integrate all the 3 parts and has the true Essense of the Divine Feminine will not stand silence where a nation, tribe is slaughtered in front of our eyes.

The One who has the Crone in her side dares to look at the eyes of the Child Murderer who tears the 3 years old out of her mother's arm or shot down the 7 years old.

She is the one who stand and shout even if the whole world is silently watching the Evilest Crime committed at daylight. Because with every murder, her bones get broken.

And the Crone is the bone-collector. She gathers all the bones, stands in front of them, and call upon all the Forces from Heaven to Hell, from the East to the West, from the North to South to reawaken the Lost and Rejected Power of Mother Earth.

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